Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Little Corner of Organization

Baby steps... that's all it takes to organize an entire household.  And here is one of my first baby steps toward reclaiming order in a house full of crazy little boys.

Sure, I know it is just a closet and I am the only one that uses it; but it still is a step in the right direction.
Ribbon organized by color, placed in sticker racks, hung on peg board.
Sewing notions, needles, and scissors tucked away in drawers where little fingers cannot accidentily find them.

A towel bar make a fantastic place to hang your punches!

And there is much more to this organization project that I did not post pics of because of the horrible closet angles.  The rest of the closet has various built-in shelves that now are home to baskets and crates.  I have a basket for projects that I have started (you may see some of them on my blog in the near future!), a basket for fat quarters, a crate for items waiting to be altered into spectacular something-or-others, and a crate of school supplies that haven't been called into duty yet.  Oh, there's more to my crafty collection but this gives you a good idea of this small organizational project.

How do you organize your space?  Post a comment and/or link and share!


  1. That looks fantastic! I need to desperately reorganize my room...one day. {I'd like to paint it first!} Great job with the towel bar, that is quite neat and convienient! Hmmm, something else to try!
    Thanks Allison!

  2. Great ideas Allson! Looks great!