Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just Another "Un" Day

Ever have one of those completely uninspired kind of days?  Well I am having one right now.  In fact the only thing I am really inspired to do is to curl up in the recliner and veg-out to Nick Jr with my 4 year old. 

What do you do when inspiration has left the building?  How do you jump start your creativity?

Here is a photo of my "Inspiration" wall in my craft room at home. 
I attached 4 squares of cork board to the wall with double sided foam sticky squares.  My method is to tack items up there as soon as they catch my eye.  I don't ask questions or over-think why I like any of these things, I just stick them up there because they inspire something inside me.

And because it is the new year and tons of people are organizing their scrap-spaces:
Here is a current photo of my scrap room - I am a little embarrased to post this because it is still in the process of being cleaned up & out.  But hey, nobody's perfect! 

I'd love to hear about what inspires you!  Post a comment below about your inspiration or a link to your scrap-space.


  1. I do the same as you...I tack up anything that inspires me on a special board, when that stops working I do organize my scrap supplies {I have to tell myself to do it for a few days first :)} When I {finally} start organizing my supplies I will come across a product that inspires me to create! It is very frustrating though and I feel for you...stay curled up watching Nick Jr...sometimes snuggled with your 4 year old can be a GREAT place for inspiration!