Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cleaning House

If you had one day to pack up and move, what things would you focus on?  I've noticed that we all tend to get ourselves overloaded with stuff; especially the longer we live in one place.  Why do we feel the need to fill every cabinet & drawer & closet & table top & even the tiny space under the beds?

Well I'm a little fed up with having all this stuff that doesn't serve any purpose.  I'm tired of making space for all the "what if"s and not having room to breathe!  Unfortunately, that now means I am on a lets-get-rid-of-everything-that-isn't-being-used rampage.  I will apologize ahead of time to any emotional damage I may do to my children (who think it is a crime against nature to get rid of anything they have ever touched).

You are all welcome to play along with me.  I will begin each Sunday with a new cleaning goal:  this week is to tame the paper beast!  All the school work that has been piling up since September will be sorted, scanned, and recycled.  All the bills & receipts will be filed appropriately.  All tax documents will be sorted for "processing" at a later date.  All the newspapers, magazines, & catalogs will be banished to the recycling bin.  If I can accomplish this - no WHEN I accomplish this, I will be able to see my long-forgotten counters & dressers & desk tops! 

So what are you going to do to clean up your life?  Post a comment and let us know!

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  1. I am on a purging rampage also. I have made a decision to go through all my stuff in the basement and take clothes and other household items to the local Goodwill. So far in the last two weeks I have taken six big bags to Goodwill. I hear what you are saying about baby steps. If I just concentrate on one trip a week to Goodwill until all the clutter is taken care of then I will be a happy girl by spring or maybe summer LOL.