Friday, August 10, 2012

The Great Playset Assembly Project

It has been a long process of finding, buying, and now assembling a new playset for the boys... a very long process.  And although the set is not completed, I wanted to document the labor of love. 

Grandpa drove his tractor all the way from his house (it only took an hour) in order to dig up and level the play zone for the new set.

Day 3: the framework for the set is up.

Day 4: Dad builds the framework for the upper clubhouse (and notice that the upper deck flooring is in place, too).  And I even helped get the framework up to the top - without falling off the ladder!

Day 5: Floors are in and rails are up.  I do love how Dad got himself a chair while screwing in the pickets.

Day 6: The new playset flipped three times during the storm.  This was Dad's reward for the 8 hours he spent working on the set on Day 5.

Now don't worry! The set survived the flipping.  There were only two small boards that were split.  I do have to say that I chose a good playset to buy - very sturdy.  It may just be able to stand up to three little boys! 

There has been more work done, but I will wait and post the rest once it is actually complete.  We are currently on Day 11 of The Great Playset Assembly Project