Monday, January 2, 2012

Back into Routine

I am a list-maker, a planner, a write-it-down-and-check-it-done type of girl.  The problem is that I always over-estimate the amount I am capable of completing each day.  Always.  So this year I have decided to simplify my many lists into one routine that can be followed no matter what the day throws my way; because, let's face it, life happens to the best of us. 

So my 2012 Resolution (and I shudder as I write this) is to get back into routine.  No longer will I sit around in my pajama pants all day just because I don't want to fold the laundry in order to find clean pants.  No longer will I feed my children canned ravioli because I forgot to defrost the roast for dinner in time.  No longer will I keep piles on my kitchen counter of things to read, do, mail, pay at a later date.  No longer will I waste valuable time making lists instead of checking things off my one routine life list.

One of the things on that Routine that I hope to follow is this very blog.  And tomorrow, because it is Tuesday, I will be posting a new scrapbook creation.  I can't wait to start my journey!

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