Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pop-up Snowman

Did you know it was winter?  Looking out the window, I'd never even guess it.  There has been a serious lack of snow around here, so I had to come up with my own way for the kids to play in the snow!  If I don't keep my boys busy, they end up driving me crazy.  That is why I am constantly throwing things together for them to do.  Here is a finished Pop-up Snowman Scene that we created.

 And a quick & easy tutorial if you want to try this with your kids!

1.  fold a rectangle shaped piece of blue paper in half (hamburger style, not hot dog) - we used 9x12 construction paper
2.  make two cuts about 3/4 inch apart in the middle of the fold (I had the boys make cuts on either side of their thumb while holding the paper by the fold & this seemed to work without measuring)
3.  unfold your paper and push the cut-out forward so it pops away from the rest of the paper - IMORTANT: this is where you will attach your snowman!

Now it is time to decorate your scene! 
4.  to make the snowman: we punched two circles (1" and 2"), used black and orange crayons to draw his face, and glued the head to the body by slightly over-lapping the circles.  You can even cut out a paper hat for your snowman or tie ribbon round his neck for a scarf - let your kid's imagination go wild!
5.  for the background: we cut different sized triangles for the trees and stamped & punched out snowflakes to put in the sky.  You can use anything you have at home (ie glitter, cotton, confetti) but just make sure it is not too heavy or the paper won't be able to stay upright
6.  and finally we used old packing peanuts for the snow on the ground. 

I hope you try this with your little ones.  Be sure to post a link in the comments - I'd love to see what you create!


  1. Awww what a cute card! Hope all is well at your house! Have a great New Year!
    ~Donna A~