Monday, February 13, 2012

Feel the Love

My Valentine's Day projects started last week.  You'll be getting the full story tomorrow, but I wanted to share one of my projects with you today.  The boys decided they wanted to give cake pops instead of candy or grocery store valentines.  I thought it was a great idea - who wouldn't love a little piece of cake on a stick?  But alas, I had to go and make things more difficult for myself.

Not only did it have to be heart-shaped and red, the cake had to be something fun (I used Fun-fetti cake mix) and I had to tie them each with a festive bow.  The steps to make them are simple, but it does take a TON of time - especially when you have to make 48 (that's right, I made 48 of these little beauties).

I give total credit to Bakerella - check out her site & blog, but I highly recommend buying her fantastic book!  You can "see inside the book" at  I love, love, love it!!!

Tomorrow I will be sharing the story of "The Great Valentine's Day Party Prep"... it will make you laugh, cry, and be thankful that you are not as foolish as I am.

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  1. It may have been a lot of work, but it sure looks cute. Can't wait to read more tomorrow.