Thursday, March 8, 2012

Super Hero - Super Fast

I admit it - this is a blast from my past.  But since I did not have a blog back in 2007, I feel justified in posting this now.  Plus: I remembered this only because the boys were playing with the cape last night - it have lasted 4 1/2 years and still looks like new!

RJ wanted a super hero birthday party for his 3rd birthday.  I decided it would be fun if every little boy got his own cape at the party!  But, I was not about to sew that many capes, especially when I did not know the exact number of guests coming (let's face it, not every body is great at RSVPing).  And, having boys, I fully understand the attraction of pulling on another person's cape in order to capture them - that is why I refuse to buy things that tie around their necks.  So here is what I created:

It is a simple rectangle of fabric and a long piece of quarter inch wide elastic.  I used fusible hem tape, instead of sewing) for the top of the cape (where the elastic slides through) so it can be cinched for smaller shoulders.  I did have to stitch the two ends of the elastic part way down from the top of the cape - this created the arm holes (no neck ties required).  I chose material that would not fray so I would not have to worry about hemming the bottom or sides. 

I had a few prepared ahead of time, but we made more as more boys showed up to party - no problem.  Super Fast Super Hero Capes for everyone! 

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