Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

May Day has come awfully fast this year!  The first of May signifies a lot of different things for different people (as I have learned by reading many blogs and Facebook posts today).  For me, it signifies that the end of school is near.  Summer is a fun time for me and my boys because they get to spend most of their days outdoors.  But the allure of your own backyard only lasts a day or two, and then the whining and fighting begins. 

So to keep my 3 little ones busy, I always plan out one activity per day of the summer.  And I find it very helpful to stick with a daily theme.  Here is what I have in store for this summer:

Sundays: Family Game Night - most of the day is taken up with church, so game night is a nice way to wind down the weekend.  It is a huge bonus that my boys LOVE boardgames - this can be done in any weather!

Mondays: "Drive-in" Day - I plan to have each of my boys design their own "car" out of cardboard boxes (thank you Pinterest for the idea).  We will take turns choosing a movie to watch from our "cars" while eating a fun movie meal (hot dogs and popcorn?).  Everyone will get one movie choice each month (the 3 boys and myself).

Tuesdays: "Make-Your Own" Day - some weeks this will be a craft, other weeks it will be a meal or dessert.  I figure it is a good way for me to get the boys into cooking and trying new foods.

Wednesdays: "Be Our Guest" Night - each family member will have one night where they are the special guest for dinner.  The special guest will get to choose the menu, the theme, and the attire for dinner.  And best of all, everyone else will have to wait on the special guest!  I can't wait for it to be my turn!!!

Thursdays: Library Day - our local library does summer story time on Thursday mornings, so we will be making our weekly trip to join in.  Afterwards, the boys will each get to pick out 2 books for the week.

Friday: "Outside Activity" Day - this will be the day where we do something organized outdoors like a scavenger hunt, chalk mural, picnic in the park, or backyard obstacle course!  I might even use library day to plan ideas for this day...

Saturday: Day with Dad - Dad works during the week, so I'll let him entertain the boys on the weekend.  I'm sure they'll do fun things like wash the car, weed the lawn, and maybe even play catch : )

I hope you have fun plans for the coming months - time sure does fly by!

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