Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BRO-bots - the cake

The birthday season is finally coming to an end around here.  Luckily I have three boys who have (so far) been able to agree on a birthday theme.  This year was Robots - and I have dubbed them the Bro-bots.  I did an early post on the cake design that my oldest came up with and the drawing I made as a compromise to his design.  Well here is the final product in all its glory!

And the BRO-bots (notice the robot t-shirts they are wearing)

The details:
3 cake mixes were needed for the 3 8x8 square cake layers & 1 dome cake with inner layer
3 jars of frosting (in between layers & dome, crumb coat, and final gray layer)
1 jar of silver sugar sprinkles
2 red white & blue oreos for the robot eyes
1 mini twizzler for the robot mouth
dryer vent cut for robot arms
number candles with the boys' ages as the robot buttons

Now this was just the combo party for the family - they'll be another post after the friend party this coming weekend!

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